Arrested for Xenophobia

2019-09-08Pretoria CBD

A person was arrested by the Tshwane Metro Police suspected to influence for xenophobia violence at the Pretoria Central South Africa.

Water Protest

2019-12-05Laudium Pretoria

Laudium residents came out in the street following the water service was stopped for 2 days. Protesters demand water and blocked the Highway with stones at R55 Pretoria South Africa.

ANC Rally became violent


A Democratic Alliance supporter was attacked by the ANC Supporter in an ANC rally at Johannesburg Central.

Service Delivery Protest

2018-12-04Soweto, Johannesburg

A protester was arrested after several attempts by South African Police for violating the rules in a Service Delivery Protest at Soweto, Johannesburg.

Fake Promises

2019-02-07Pretoria, South Africa

Angry Protesters from Itireleng Squatter Camp blocked the main road between Lauidum and Itireleng for the fake promises made by the Councillor for installation of electricity.

Lost Everything

2019-09-17Pretoria South Africa

A resident from White blocks became unconscious after she saw the fire at her flat in Pretoria South Africa.

Violent Protest

2019-07-07Pretoria South Africa

Several Police person deployed in the street of Pretoria after a violent protest broke out between taxi drivers and drug lords at Pretoria Central.

DA Rally


Thousands of DA supporters participate in the mega DA rally at Johannesburg central.

Needs not fulfilled

2019-06-14Pretoria , South Africa

A Police officer was on duty as Protesters who blocked the road and vandalized many other vehicles for not fulfilling their demands at at Mooiplus Pretoria.

Food Crisis

2020-04-09Pretoria , South Africa

Homeless people fought for one meal as the South African Government enhanced the lock down which leads to starvation for many.

Service Delivery Protest

2017-06-17Soweto, South Africa

Protesters became furious after one of the community member was arrested for the Service Delivery Protest.

EFF March for Palestine Freedom

2017-09-08Pretoria South Africa

March for Palestine Freedom at Pretoria South Africa in-front of the Israel Embassy.

Fight for Living

2018-03-28Soweto, South Africa

Several were injured by the rubber bullets at Soweto South Africa for Service Delivery protest

Dead side

2019-09-17Pretoria South Africa

Egyptian national spot dead in an car accident at Pretoria South Africa.

Lost in dust

2019-12-09Pretoria South Africa

A fire fighter extinguish the building which completely became dust after a huge fire at Pretoria South Africa

No Clue

2019-12-11Pretoria South Africa

An Unidentified human skull and bones were found at Pretoria South Africa.

Battle for life & Death

2018-10-26Pretoria South Africa

A worker lost his life on the spot at the construction site.

Covid 19

2020-03-02Pretoria South Africa

A Municipal worker wait for her transport at Itireleng Squatter Camp.

Dead End

2019-08-26Centurion South Africa

A passenger of a taxi escorted to near by hospital after a horrible accident.

Covid 19

2020-04-09Salvakop, South Africa

Food crisis in South Africa is real as thousands of people are in starvation after Govt. of South Africa announced the further lock down in the country.

No More

2019-08-09Pretoria South Africa

Spot dead on the scene

Fight for Good

2017-06-21Johannesburg South Africa

Church in Action

EFF against Israel occupation against Palestine

2017-08-09Pretoria South Africa

Economic freedom fighter march to Israel Embassy at Pretoria for Palestine freedom

Need services

2017-08-04Soweto , South Africa

Flames are everywhere , protesters burned Car tiers in the highway for not getting free electricity as promised by the South African Government.


2019-07-18Pretoria South Africa

War between Taxi drivers and drug lords at Pretoria South Africa

Peace is no Where

2018-11-27Pretoria South Africa

Peaceful protest

DA March


DA organised a mega rally against the Corruption of the ruling party.

Food Crisis

2020-04-09Pretoria South Africa

Several are in starvation because for the lock down implemented by the South African Government amidst fear of Covid 19 in the country.



Thousands March with DA for a prosperous South Africa

Life is No where

2020-02-14Pretoria South Africa

Water crisis is real, members of the community at Itireleng need to walk almost five kilos with all the buckets all around to get water.

Covid 19

2020-04-09Pretoria South Africa

Face Masks compulsory

We need Food

2020-04-11Salvakop South Africa

Many Community members from Salvakop left behind in the distribution of food hampers organised by local NGO

Seek for a Better Life

2019-11-04Itireleng Squatter Camp, South Africa

Locals at itireleng are unhappy with their Political Officials whee various promises were made during the time of election but not delivered.

Fear & Death

2017-09-26South Africa

Residents in Soweto is in fear of the rubber bullets shot by South African Police force.

By All Means


Political March

Hunger leadsto Crime

2018-01-18Centurion South Africa

Caught red handed

No Where to Go

2019-08-06Pretoria South Africa

Protest for free South Africa against drugs

Fight for rights

2019-03-29Pretoria South Africa

Clashes with Egyptian Nationals and Pakistan Nationals

Human Rights


Rights for freedom

Cosatu March

2017-06-17Johannesburg South Africa

For Better South Africa


2019-08-12Pretoria South Africa

Itireleng Residents are fed up with promises which are not fulfilled.

Hope & Lies

2019-09-15Pretoria South Africa

Meeting of a hope

Power & Use

2019-07-05Pretoria South Africa



2018-10-26Pretoria South Africa

Passed away while the family was on their way to hospital

Lock Down


Protesters blocked the main road of Diepsloot with the Skip bin to ease the lock down as they struggle for food of the lock down.

Two Different Planet

2020-06-29South Africa

Food Crisis

Life at Edge

2020-07-05South Africa

Live or Die Crisis